A Year of Explosive Growth: Maven Agency’s Successful Partnership with Inmerion

May 29, 2024 – MavenAgency.io Newsroom


Over the past 12 months, Maven Agency’s partnership with Inmerion has achieved remarkable success, marked by an impressive increase in First-Time Depositors (FTDs) and a steadily growing Net Gaming Revenue (NGR). This collaboration has not only strengthened our mutual business objectives but also set a new benchmark in the industry for effective partnership dynamics.


*Building the Foundation: The Genesis of Our Partnership*

Our journey with Inmerion began when Maven became one of the first partners of the then nascent Inmerion project. Xander, the team lead at Inmerion, recalls, “We came to an agreement and launched a test deal, which ultimately led to a long and successful cooperation.”


*Overcoming Challenges: A Unified Approach*

The early stages of our partnership were not without challenges. “The main problem was that the Inmerion project was young and had several childhood illnesses, which affected the overall performance, and in turn, our cooperation and mutual benefit,” Xander explains. However, our collaborative spirit and strategic planning enabled us to navigate these hurdles successfully.


*Impressive Metrics: FTDs and NGR on the Rise*

The results of our collaboration speak volumes. Over the past year, Maven Agency has delivered an explosive number of FTDs to Inmerion, contributing significantly to their growth. Xander notes, “Maven was our most basic FTD booster in the first phase, increasing performance by 30% every month.”

In addition to the surge in FTDs, our partnership has also driven a substantial increase in NGR, which continues to grow month after month. Xander elaborates, “We constantly study and analyze the traffic received, understand the needs of players, industry trends, and local features. We also listen to the opinions of our partners. Over the past months, we have introduced many new products and changes to the product, such as tournaments, bonuses, unique custom solutions, and trending slots. Thus, we managed to improve NGR.”


*Key Success Factors: What Made It Work*

Several factors have contributed to the success of our partnership. Xander points out, “The most beneficial aspects of our cooperation, in our opinion, are stability, a responsible approach to our obligations, a great and professional Maven team, and achieving mutually beneficial results.”


*Evolving Business Approaches: Impact of the Partnership*

Through our partnership, Inmerion has significantly evolved its business strategies. “We have completely rebuilt the team of affiliate managers, changed our approach to budget planning, and re-evaluated our markets,” Xander shares.


*Highlighting Success: Notable Campaigns*

Among the many successful initiatives, Xander highlights a particularly outstanding campaign: “The most successful campaign, in my opinion, is the expansion of TIR 1 markets; the results exceeded our expectations.”


*Future Prospects: Looking Ahead*

As we look to the future, both companies are optimistic about the continued success of our partnership. Xander shares, “We want to significantly scale our cooperation and involve Maven in promoting our other projects!”


*Advice for Others: Insights from Xander*

For other companies looking to form similar partnerships, Xander advises, “It’s very simple, don’t be greedy, trust Maven and get income.”


*Conclusion: A Model Partnership*

Our partnership with Inmerion stands as a model of how strategic collaboration can lead to outstanding results. By delivering significant FTDs and driving continuous NGR growth, we have not only achieved our business objectives but also strengthened our position in the market.


Xander adds, “All I can say is thank you very much. I really hope that our cooperation will last for many more years! And I recommend you with all my heart.”

We are excited to continue this journey with Inmerion, confident that the next year will bring even greater success. As we move forward, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve together, setting new standards of excellence in our industry.



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